Zhongke Color Sorter

Zhongke Color Sorter

Company Details
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Worldwide
No. of Employees: 500~800 People
Annual Sales: US$ 70 million - US$ 100 million
Year Established: 2002
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
Company Description

 Introducing Advanced Production Accuracy Through Optical Electronics


Zhongke color sorter make it easy for you to put only the highest-quality products into your packaging. By incorporating the amazing technology of advanced optics and leading-edge visual-recognition software, you can maximize the purity, visual appeal and performance of seeds, nuts, beans, grains or other edible products — with every process




Improved product quality
Zhongke color separators help to eliminate product defects such as discoloration, blight, deformities and foreign particles.



Optimized throughput
Promote efficient, higher-capacity production by sorting more products on one machine.


Easy operation and maintenance
A simplified touch-screen interface can program and store up to 99 sets of sorting parameters.

Improve the quality and integrity of processed seeds, beans, nuts or other products with one simple line upgrade — the incredible Zhongke Series color sorter.


Standard sorting equipment is essential for separating products based on size or shape, but that's often not enough. Zhongke color sorters instantly detect and remove visibly imperfect units which would otherwise go into your final package mix.  The color sorter equipment automatically rejects unwanted materials such as discolored or blighted seeds, nut hulls, ergot, deformed beans, foreign matter and much more.


By adding color sorting equipment as the final step in your processing flow, your brand and your delivered product will represent higher levels of purity, performance and customer satisfaction.



Zhongke Color Sorting Technology


1,High reliability

Using high signal-to-noise ratio sensor and anti-interference circuit system,which could highly improve stability and reliability.Our parts is famous brand in the world.

ALTERA company's high-speed FPGA processing from USA

SAMSUNG chip from South Korea

TOSHIBA camera sensor from Japan

SMC air filter from Japan

Schneider air switch and button switch from France

Mean Well power supply from Taiwan

MATRIX ejector from Italy(optical)


Our parnters

2,Advanced image acquisition system

Full color 5400 CCD Cameras and lens-Recognize accurately all minimum defects in the material.

3,Intelligent image processing algorithm

Color sorting algorithms of gray level,color difference and HSV are perfectly combined with shape sorting algorithms of size,circular degree,texture etc,and successfully solved a series of high difficulty
color sorting problems,and dramatically enhance the sorting accuracy.


4,Unique chutes processing technology

Application of domestic high-quality 300mm ultra-wide material chute.
Special anodizing process can ensure production capacity and make the products comply with international standards.
It can be equipped with cascade flat and narrow chute channel to meet more color sorting requirements


5,High efficiency and reliable light source

High reliability and long life span LED light resource, with bulb from Taiwan and controlling chip from USA.The lightness could be adjustable according to different material

6,High quality solenoid valve(ejector)

Equipped with high quality solenoid valve.The valve has longer lifespan ,high frequency ,and low air consumption.The working frequency is 1000 times per second,which guarantees the accurate and perfect ejecting.

For the different sizes and characteristics of material particle, Zhongke optical sorters use the solenoid valve of different sizes.

7,Simple operation, easy to learn and use

Simple optical system design, precise automatic correction system, combined with the well-designed human-machine interface to simplify the complexity of machine commissioning and use, ensuring the simple operation and the machine is easy to learn and use.


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Standard:Anhui High-tech Enterprise certificate
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