Coffee Bean Color Sorter,machine that sort coffee bean by color and remove the defects,coffee optical separator

An integral partner of the coffee industry

Optical Sorting Machine(sometimes called digital sorting) is the intelligent and automatic process of sorting solid material using cameras and ejectors.


Our comprehensive knowledge in the field of coffee production combined with its creative solutions offer coffee processsors the most advanced technology solutions.

The optical sorting technology helps the coffee processors to meet strictest food safety and quality requirements.At the same time ,it maximize the productivity and profitability.


Depending on the types of sensors used and software-driven intelligence of the image processing system,optical sorting machine can recognize objects' color and size.The sorter compares objects to user-defined accept/reject criteria to identify and remove defective products and foreign material(FM) from the production line,or to separate product of different grades or types of material.


CCD Color Sorters are widely used in the food industry globally,with the highest adoption in processing harvested foods such as grains,cereal,seeds,beans,rice,pulses,spices,nuts,dehydrated vegetable.The technology is also used in waste recycling and mineral industry.Compared to manual sorting,which is subjective and inconsistent,optical sorting helps improve product quality ,maximize throughput and increase yields while reducing labor costs.


Optical Sorter machine is ideal for grain processors who sort different varieties of grains and at different processing stages.The sorting range is suitable for processors who demand the highest quality.


Optical sorting solutions for

1,Green coffee(colour sorting):Optical sorting can reject colour defects such as discoloured beans,immature and insect damaged beans in ordinary,specialty and sundried green coffee application.


2,Green coffee(FM sorting):Optical sorting can remove foreign material which has been missed or not targeted by the mechanical cleaning process such as sticks,stones,glass,shell and others caused by fermentation process such as sour beans.

Arabica and Robusta coffee defects


3,Roasted coffee(colour sorting):Optical sorting can separate under-roasted(lighter,white and immature) and over-roasted beans for a better taste and quality.


4,Roasted coffee(FM sorting):it can remove FM(foreign material) such as sticks,stones and glass from roasted coffee which can not only compromise the appearance of the final product but can also damage mechanical equipment such as grinders.

Robusta coffee defects



Coffee Bean Color Sorter machine performance on YouTube


The Color Sorter Machine System

In general,optical sorters feature four major components:the feed system,the optical system,image processing software and the separation system.The objective of the feed system is to spread product into a uniform monolayer so products are presented to the optical system without clumps,at a constant velocity.The optical system includes lights and sensors housed above and/or below the flow of the objects being inspected.The image processing system compares objects to user-defined accept/reject thresholds to classify objects and actuate the separation system. 


Some advantages of Our Color Sorter

1,Near human eye vision color sorting technology, using 16 million colors, brings the best sorting performances

2,Full-color cameras optical system, with dimensional control of the defects, allows 0.1mm optical resolution

3,image acquisition allows the easy and accurate setting of the defects to remove. Software adjustment is completely automatic thanks to HSV technology

4,Shape-sizing integrated into the system

5,Most concentrated rejects, thanks to customized hi-tech ejectors

6,Highest production capacities, automatically regulated by a feeder control device

7,Possibility to have simultaneous product resort, even with reverse sorting and third sorting.

8,Possibility to add sloping chutes for sorter upgrading or production increase

9,Possibility to install additional cameras operating in NIR after machine installation at working premises

10,Led lighting system which is digital control

11,Automatic cleaning system, with adjustable frequency and duration

12,Tilting optical boxes, to allow an easy internal access for maintenance operations

13,Airtight optical boxes with controlled temperature

14,Designed mechanics grants the highest hygiene and prevents product outflow or accumulation

15,Provision with de-dusting suction systems

16,14-inches display with full-color and multilingual touch-screen

17,Flexible and user-friendly

18,Reduced electric and compressed air consumption.

19,CE certification

20,Use best quality components to ensure excellent quality.

21,From one chute to sixteen chutes to meet any different production capacity requirement







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