coffee color sorter machine manufacturer,offer optical sorting solution for coffee beans

How can our machine help you increase the quality of your green coffee and roasted coffee?


Helps processors meet stringent safety standards
Maximises product value and yield
Delivers consistent performance and stability
Increases productivity and lower operational costs



Our comprehensive product portfolio has been carefully developed to offer processors the best solutions for conventional and challenging sorting applications. The RC range has four technology variants, each designed in different levels for defect detection.

Subtle colour sorting
multiple visible wavelengths (for example: red, green and blue) .This can detect the subtlest colour variations.


Superior colour sorting
two visible wavelengths (in this example: red and green).
This can detect not only light and dark defects but also other colour variations.


Simultaneous light and dark sorting

 uses two visible wavelengths independently (in this example: red and green).
This is for detecting both light and dark defects simultaneously.



Independent light or dark sorting
The standard RGB color sorter uses one visible wavelength (in this example: either red or green).This is best suited for mainstream colour sorting applications which include removing light or dark defects.



Delivering superior product quality for coffee beans
The range and combination of Zhongke's advanced, intelligent optical sorting technology enables the exclusive RC range to deliver superior product quality. The color sorter range inspection technologies provide the most profitable sorting performance in removing subtle colour variations and foreign material, reducing toxins including mycotoxins, and colour grading/grouping.


CCD color sorters is ideal for sorting Arabica coffee beans, removing a variety of defects to increase product quality and safety.By incorporating the latest technological advances, defects such as sticks, stones, odd colors beans and other foreign seeds can be removed effectively and efficiently.




Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine 

Color sorter model RC-1 RC-2 RC-3 RC-4 RC-5 RC-6 RC-7 RC-8 RC-10 RC-12
Channels 64 128 192 256 320 384 448 512 640 768
Production Capacity(t/h) 0.5-3 1.0-4.0 2.0-6.0 3.0-8.0 5.0-10 6.0-12.0 7.0-17.0 8.0-20.0 10.0-25.0 12.0-30.0


Remark:We have many models from 1 chute to 16 chutes for option to meet any different production capacity.The exact production capacity may change due to different impurity level.







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